James Grenning

James -grenningJames Grenning’s trains, coaches and consults worldwide. With more than thirty years of software development experience, both technical and managerial, James brings knowledge, skill, and creativity to software development teams and their management.

As his professional roots are in embedded software, James’ mission is to bring state-of-the-art technical and management practices to embedded development teams.

He is the author of Test-Driven Development for Embedded C.

He invented Planning Poker, an estimating technique used around the world, and participated in the creation of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.


Blog: http://www.renaissancesoftware.net/blog/

Website: www.renaissancesoftware.net

Twitter: @jwgrenning

Story testing paper: http://bit.ly/story_testing

Mark Seemann

MarkMark is a professional programmer and software architect living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently an independent advisor. He is the author of Dependency Injection in .NET.


Blog: http://blog.ploeh.dk/

Twitter: @ploeh

Book: http://manning.com/seemann/

Mike Long

MikelongMike Long is a software architect currently working on improving development practices in large scale software development teams, based in Beijing, China.  His previous experience working with embedded systems development in Norway and England have instilled a great passion for test driven development, code craft, and avoiding oscilloscope debugging as much as humanly possible.

Mike is the creator of the Fake Function Framework, the founder of the Beijing Software Craftsmanship Group, and an organizer for the Beijing Homebrewing Society.


Blog: http://meekrosoft.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @meekrosoft

Github: https://github.com/meekrosoft/

Christian Johansen


Christian is a passionate programmer currently working at gitorious.org where he does everything from JavaScript to Ruby to Unix systems tuning.

He is the author of "Test-Driven JavaScript Development", and he maintains several open source projects, including the recently released test-framework Buster.JS and the popular mocking framework Sinon.JS.

After dark you may find him tinkering with his Emacs setup, coding Lisp and slowly being devoured by the world of functional programming.


Blog: http://cjohansen.no/en/

Website: http://cjohansen.no/

Twitter: @cjno

Book: http://tddjs.com/

Ole Lehrmann Madsen

Ole _lehrmann _madsen _storOle Lehrmann Madsen is a professor of Computer Science, Aarhus University, and director of the Alexandra Institute ltd.

His area of research is object-oriented software systems, including programming, modeling, languages, software development environments, software architecture and pervasive computing. He was one of the creators of the BETA programming language.

Ole holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Aarhus University). He has previously been a search associate at CSLI at Stanford University (1984-85) and senior research associate at Sun Labs in Mountain View, California (1994-95).


Website: http://www.alexandra.dk/dk

Tore Martin Hagen

Tore Martin HagenTore Martin Hagen is Embedded Software Architect at WesternGeco. He has more then 15 years experience in the embedded SW industry where he has worked with telecommunication and seismic systems.



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