BITS Conference 2012

At the 2012 BITS conference, we turned our attention to the embedded software community.

The sessions of BITS 2012 contained subjects such as Agile Software Development, TDD, Unit testing and mocking as well as stories and planning. Common to all sessions were the focus on the application of the techniques in the context of embedded software development.

Video: BITS 2012 Introduction

About the BITS conference

In the following video feature, shot at BITS 2012, Morten Hoffmann Sørensen from Strongminds explains the purpose and ambition of the BITS Conference. (The video is in Danish)

Video: Session one from BITS 2012

Getting Started with TDD for Embedded C / C++

Discover the motivation behind Test-Driven Development, its rhythm, and how to adapt it to the challenging world of embedded software development.

BITS 2012 info

Want to know the full story of BITS 2012? Check out the full program and description at the website.

James W. Grenning

James W. Grenning was the main speaker at BITS 2012. He is trainer, coach and consults world wide. He is also a cosigner of the Agile Manifesto, inventor of Planning Poker and has authored the book "Test-Driven Development for Embedded C".

Contact Information

The BITS conference is organized by Strongminds At Work ApS.

Web: www.strongminds.dk

Telephone: (+45) 6064 6416
E-mail: info@bitscon.dk


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