Who is the conference for?

BITS is for software developers, engineers, architects and managers interested in agile development techniques, software development disciplines and in the opportunity to share experiences with other fellow minded software professionals.

Who is responsible for the arrangement?

Strongminds is organizing the conference and is responsible for the conference and workshop arrangements.

Why are you arranging the conference?

There are not that many software conferences held in Denmark, and we would like to present you with the opportunity to attend a conference stripped from commercial interests and far out topics without relevance for you as a working software practioneer. It is a goal for us to arrange a conference that we ourselves would like to participate in.

What can I expect from the sessions?

Expect a great deal of practical, in-depth discussion on best practices as well as interesting presentations on new aspects of software development.

Can I help out as a volonteer?

Possibly - if you are interested in helping out on the conference days please contact us directly for further information.

Contact Information

The BITS conference is organized by Strongminds At Work ApS.

Web: www.strongminds.dk

Telephone: (+45) 6064 6416
E-mail: info@bitscon.dk


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