Test Driven Development for Embedded C II


Why Debug?


Attendees learn how to avoid bugs and build code that can stand the test of time. Attendees see why TDD is important and how to apply it in the challenging environment of embedded C.


Experienced in embedded C or C++ programming, and looking for a way to prevent wasteful debugging and the schedule uncertainty that comes with it.


Test-Driven Development helps software developers improve schedule predictability and product quality. How? By eliminating bugs before they make the bug list or disrupt the plan. This class describes the problems addressed by TDD, as well as the additional challenges and benefits of applying TDD to embedded software. Too much code goes into products without adequate testing.

This class shows how to get code tested, and keep bugs out. But, TDD is more than a bug prevention technique; it helps steer the design so developers can avoid the mess that often happens as a system evolves.
Attendees will see valuable lessons for doing TDD in the hostile environment of embedded C.

A post-class independent study exercise is provided.

Tuesday (November 19th) - 13:30 - 14:15 on Embedded

About the speaker

James Grenning

James -grenningJames Grenning’s trains, coaches and consults worldwide. With more than thirty years of software development experience, both technical and managerial, James brings knowledge, skill, and creativity to software development teams and their management.

As his professional roots are in embedded software, James’ mission is to bring state-of-the-art technical and management practices to embedded development teams.

He is the author of Test-Driven Development for Embedded C.

He invented Planning Poker, an estimating technique used around the world, and participated in the creation of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.


Blog: http://www.renaissancesoftware.net/blog/

Website: www.renaissancesoftware.net

Twitter: @jwgrenning

Story testing paper: http://bit.ly/story_testing

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