A Functional architecture with F#

F# is a Functional language in the .NET framework; while most people still regard it as a niche language, it’s a Turing complete language, so you can build almost any sort of application with it. However, with its strong focus on immutability, programmers used to Object Orientation struggle with creating a proper architecture for a Functional system.

One way to approach Functional architecture is to separate the system into a subsystem for writing data, and another subsystem for reading data.

A set of design patterns collectively known as Pipes and Filters provide a model for receiving and persisting data, while a programming model known as Map/Reduce addresses the concerns of reading (persisted) data and transforming it into useful boundary constructs.

Code examples in F#.

Tuesday (November 19th) - 10:00 - 10:45 on Agile / PC

About the speaker

Mark Seemann

MarkMark is a professional programmer and software architect living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently an independent advisor. He is the author of Dependency Injection in .NET.


Blog: http://blog.ploeh.dk/

Twitter: @ploeh

Book: http://manning.com/seemann/

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