Keynote: A Unified Approach to Modeling and Programming

Before the era of object-orientation, software development suffered from the use of different languages and representation used for analysis, design and implementation ― so-called structured analysis and design (SA/SD). One of the strengths of object-orientation is that it provided a unified approach for modeling as well as for programming. This framework provided language constructs as well as an associated conceptual framework.

The dual support for modeling and programming may be traced back to SIMULA where one of the main goals was to provide a language for modeling as well as programming. The focus on modeling and programming has been one of the main characteristics of the Scandinavian School of object-orientation where BETA is another representative.

Current mainstream of object-oriented software development, however, seems to be going in the direction of separation of modeling and programming. The numerous technologies and books on object-oriented programming are primarily concerned with the technical aspects of programming and pay very little attention to modeling aspects. On the other side we see a development of modeling languages where the emphasis is on graphical notations and executable models.

The purpose of this talk is to go back to the future and reintroduce some of the ideas of SIMULA and discuss a unified approach to modeling and programming.

Monday (November 18th) - 09:00 - 09:45 on Embedded, Agile / PC

About the speaker

Ole Lehrmann Madsen

Ole _lehrmann _madsen _storOle Lehrmann Madsen is a professor of Computer Science, Aarhus University, and director of the Alexandra Institute ltd.

His area of research is object-oriented software systems, including programming, modeling, languages, software development environments, software architecture and pervasive computing. He was one of the creators of the BETA programming language.

Ole holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Aarhus University). He has previously been a search associate at CSLI at Stanford University (1984-85) and senior research associate at Sun Labs in Mountain View, California (1994-95).


Website: http://www.alexandra.dk/dk

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